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Extraterrestrial landscape - PG, work safe [Aug. 2nd, 2009|11:58 pm]
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Commissioned gift art (birds, Acryllics on canvas board) [Jul. 4th, 2007|11:59 pm]
Commissioned gift art (Acryllics on canvas board):
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Light Catchers [Jun. 5th, 2007|05:35 pm]
Two light catchers I made last weekendCollapse )
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Pet Portrait [May. 23rd, 2007|01:09 am]
Just finished an art commission, a pet portrait from photo references.
Acryllics, 16 x 20" readymade canvas, so I had to scan it in sections & paste them together onto a blank file.

cuteness belowCollapse )
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Seventh Sanctum Jan-March Competition '07 Entry [Mar. 12th, 2007|12:45 am]
Artist: J j_gallery

Title: The Dragon, the Goat, the Other Creatures and the Shopping Goddess

Media: Artliner pen, Coloured pencils, Photoshop 2

Warnings: None, except supernatural themes, some possible brain-hurting, an unbeta-ed accompanying fic, and that the image may be a bit on the big side for those on dialup (1000 x 700 px jpg)

Rating: PG 13+

Notes: Drawn specifically for Seventh Sanctum's January-March 2007 free-for-all "As Many (original) Generators as possible" contest. I used 11 for the art (there was a 12th, but I found out I got the result from somewhere else, so I took it off the list), plus four more for the accompanying story (1,440+ words), making 16 in all (though I'll assume only the first 11 will count). Many thanks to tripperfunster, sofisticat (and anyone else I might have missed) for the art beta :)

Ps - I'm not currently available for art commissions, if/when that changes I'll let you know. My contact details under the LJ cut.

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Some art to start off with [Jan. 27th, 2007|03:26 pm]
[Current Mood |accomplishedaccomplished]

I may as well start this off by posting some original art, though both fan art & fanfiction as well as original will also be posted here later on.

Title: Python
Artist: j_gallery
Rated: G
Fandom: Original
Media: Artweaver (free version)
Drawn: 2006
Warnings: Image of a snake, otherwise none
Notes: A sketch I made up to try out Artweaver with. Basically just playing around with it.

Green PythonCollapse )
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